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Icons of Filth are a Welsh anarcho-punk band that were formed in 1979. The issues the band promote through their lyrics include animal rights, anarchism, environmentalism, anti- war, veganism, anti-globalisation, feminism, and the negative effects of organised religion. Live shows are often used to raise money for these causes.

The Plight 10” is the first release from the Icons of Filth since 2002. Following the death of Stig in 2004 the Icons of Filth disbanded. In 2014 after an anniversary concert to mark Stig’s death the band decided to reform. Undoubtedly different and forever changed but new and evolved.
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Money Flows (from Plight EP)

People Are Real is the latest track Icons of Filth have released since Nostradamnedus in 2002.

Free market economies devalue human existence to the point where people are seen as mere sacrificial offerings in favour of the worship of gross national product and other capitalist gods. The song is a protest against the structural disempowerment and demonisation of people, usually the most vulnerable, across the planet.

Download People are Real from the South London Scum Benefit album below: